Friday, January 8, 2010

Week Two Goals

Week Two Goals

Weight In/Exercise/Points

• second weigh in will be on Thursday, January 14th
• exercise at least three times
• continue to keep track of weight watchers points, checking in daily with buddies :)


• 8 glasses per day


• finish a Maya Road mini albums for CHA
Maya Road tutorial
Art Freckles tutorial
• Christmas Card for Christmas Cards All Year Round blog
Crop Suey project :)
Scrapbook Star Crop Tutorial

Dinner Menus

Fri., Jan. 8  ~ Boeuf Bourguignon, garlic mashed potatoes, and green salad
(totally not weight watchers but I've calculated the points and ate light all day!)
Sat., Jan. 9 ~ visiting friends
Sun.. 10 ~ finally the Cobb Salad!
Mon., Jan. 11 ~ greek pork and salad
Tues., Jan. 12 ~ hamburger helper, veggies, and buns (didn't feel like this last week so we'll try again this week LOL)
Wed., Jan. 13 ~ soup and sandwiches (a Wednesday tradition!)
Thurs., Jan. 14 ~ turkey breast, veggies, potatoes, and salad

New Recipe

• low point "Cobb Salad"

Home Organization

I made a six week plan to organize my entire house!  I've separated my home into four areas and will work through these rooms very slowly as I tend to get very bored when I'm stuck in one room organizing it all at once.

Week One chores...
• kitchen/living room
drawers and cupboards on island
• master bedroom and bathroom
clothes in closet
• family/craft/homeschool room
craft closet (left side)
• bathrooms/laundry room/front closet/garage
main bathroom closet

The "chore cards"...


Scripture Study

• Esther 5

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