Friday, January 1, 2010

New Concept and Week One Goals

Very regrettably I did not finish my 52 weeks of ATC's. I only had 12 more to complete!!! I praise God for the 30 lbs. I did lose. I feel happier and healthier :)

Here is my before and after picture....

I really, really want to have another go of it...this time with a new concept. My first round was focused on weight loss. I believe when that wasn't happening as fast or as consistent as I would have liked I gave up.

This time 'round I'm going to make a "to do list" the first Friday of the week. I'm going to call it Creative Organization!

The "to do categories" will be as follows...

Weight In/Exercise goals - Weight Watchers points report
Water report...can never seem to drink enough!
Crafting goal
Daily Dinner Menus
Find a new recipe and try it out
Home Organization...a very constant task
Scripture Study

The following Friday I will share my accomplishments and the *new list*.

My goal is to make a 52 page scrapbook album sharing my journey including tips and recipes.

The total purpose is to have a more rounded 52 weeks of allowing God to pick me up!

Week One Goals

Weight In/Exercise/Point report

• first weigh in will be on Thursday, January 7th
• excerise at least three times
• share how many points I've used throughout the week


• 8 glass per day


• plan window displays for Memories and More
• get class finished for Scrapbook Star
• finish 2 Maya Road mini albums for CHA

Dinner Menus

Fri., Jan. 1 ~ borscht
Sat., Jan. 2 ~ left over bacon/tomato pasta found in freezer
Sun.. 3 ~ cheesy potatoes (we usually have a potato dinner on Sunday's)
Mon., Jan. 4 ~ chili, rice, salad
Tues., Jan. 5 ~ hamburger helper, veggies, and buns (found a couple of boxes of the hamburger helper in the pantry and being that I'm trying to be thrifty as well LOL thought I'd use them up!)
Wed., Jan. 6 ~ soup and sandwiches (a Wednesday tradition!)
Thurs., Jan. 7 ~ Cobb salad, homemade bread

New Recipe

• low point "Cobb Salad"

Home Organization

• make a chore chart for myself

Scripture Study

• Esther 3

It would be wonderful if you'd like to participate with me!

May 2010 be a year of showers and showers of blessings :)


  1. Andrea!
    You look soooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!
    Congratulations, girlfriend!

    Love what you do...always love what you do.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Girl.. you look fabulous congrats.. i think I gained the 30 you
    I love your goals. Im on the same page... pray, eat healthier, organize....everything.