Monday, January 12, 2009

Week Two - Side Two

I'm overjoyed for new days!

Yesterday evening I made the children kettle corn and gave myself a little bowl and thought that's plenty. Then my husband wanted some so I had to make a whole new batch! Now there was tons of kettle corn and I just kept picking and picking at it until I was stuffed!

I rejoice that today is a new day and my prayer is for more self control :D

Have a wonderful day,
Lots of love,


  1. Here's to a whole new week! Thanks goodness you only overdid it a bit on Kettlecorn. It could have been worse and been chocolate frosted brownies! =)Ooooo....that was me! I'm hoping to drink more water this week. I'll think of you when I guzzle it down.

  2. I just love the quotes you are using on these cards. :)

  3. Thanks Andrea - it is a brand new day and it's a day for feeling blessed. i'm grateful for all sorts of things and your post just reminded me that i need to express my gratitude more often and not complain as much! so Thank you!

  4. Loving this challenge - thanks so much!
    Here are my week 2 pics!
    Keep up the good work!