Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week Five - Side One

I had a rough day yesterday...feeling sorry for myself!

In a funny way I'm glad it was a rough one. I prayed and prayed...especially that I wouldn't head for the kitchen to make a snack that I wasn't hungry for. It took a couple hours but God brought me out of it...AMEN!

I then made my card and I just felt relieved.
Relieved that He loves me and I know He cares.


  1. i love your card! it's so pretty and so true! good for yOU!

  2. He does care!!!! And isn't it just so amazing when He shows us just how much!! I love working on my ATCs...thanks for starting such a wonderful blessing in my life!

  3. I love your blogs. I love your 52 pick me up cards. My 2 sisters and I are doing our own every week. I have put mine on a metal ring. One of my sisters is putting her cards in a decorated file box. We kind of modified between your idea and Stephanie's at Homegrown Hospitality using a word in to incorporate into our lives. It is so much fun for me each Monday to do my card. Thank you for the idea. When I get my camera up and going I would like to link my cards for you to see. Thanks again for a really encouraging blog and what I love about your writing the most is your love for Christ Jesus. He is an awesome God that loves us always unconditionally. I have walked with Him for almost 40 years and He has never, never let me down. Also thanks for your YouTube video of the "Father's Love." I cried it is so beautiful and I have shared it with others. :)

  4. Thanks for your inpiration and uplifting words...

    here is my kink to week 5

    is anyone using the flickr group yet?