Sunday, January 4, 2009

He Has won the Victory!

I'm going to claim the victory. God says take it, it's yours. He has fought the battle now I'm to stand still and see His glory.

I'm going to simply trust in Him. Listen to Him. I don't need to overeat, I don't need to fret if I want to enjoy a treat; I need to drink my water and enjoy the blessing that He has given me and not take them for granted. God has never failed me. The times that I get what I don't want or I don't think the answer from Him is always is! He want the best for us!

I have a problem of stepping on the scale every morning.
If I don't see a loss, I immediately feel discouraged.

I'm not going to step on the scale again until after 52 weeks is over. It's going to be amazing for me to see what He is going to do. Maybe it's not His will for me to loss 52 lbs. maybe it is!

Have a glorious Sunday! Tomorrow I'll post the first side of my week one card!

Lots of love,

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