Monday, March 8, 2010

trying and trying

I've been trying to get back on track since mid December and I just can't seem to do it!

I'm falling into the trap of setting too many goals and when I can't reach them I fall back.

So...I've been praying and this is what I need to do.

1.  spent quiet time with the Lord daily and start a weekly art journal
2.  write in my food journal and check in with buddies
3.  exercise - 5 times a week

I've done it before so I know I can do it.

I'll be back soon to share my first page...not sure what size I'm going to work on and I'm not sure what day will be my check in day for the blog, but it will be within the week :)


  1. Awwww, I can so relate, Andrea! I constantly struggle with all those things, too. But the important thing is that you/we don't give up! At least if you're still working on things, then you're moving forward, right?

    I have a faith art journal I'm working on. I'm following the prompts over at "A Year in the Life of an Art Journal". There's a link on my blog. The prompts are wide open for interpretation, which I like and can easily apply to the faith aspect. And they're given on the 15th and 30th of the month - manageable! You might want to check it out...

    Another website I LOVE, being so into the simplifying thing, is Zen Habits and, an offshoot by the same guy called 6 Changes. Don't worry, no eastern religion stuff at all - just good, practical steps to accomplish your goals. I already did my first of 6 changes - I'm now rising at 6:30 a.m. and enjoying my favorite time of day (and not staying up to the wee hours anymore). And my next change is, indeed, getting back to reading my bible every morning - which I needed to rise earlier to accomplish! ;) Anyway, there's links to both those sites on my blog, too. Hope that helps! Blessings...

  2. Andrea, I was going through my blog's sidebar and found I had posted your bookmark a very long time ago. Unfortunately, I stopped clicking those links for some time. I hope things are going well. I see you have set some goals. I kept track of my goals over at Spark People dot com (not just weightloss but also good habits.) Stay well

    I see it's been a bit since you last posted. I hope that you are okay and feeling