Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week Fifteen - Side Two

So I've been drinking my water and walking the dog but now I think I'm really ready to move forward and sent a few more positive goals!

The first is more exercise...really getting the heart rate up exercising. Truly, I'm going to have to pray to God everyday to really inspire me to do this and help me. I totally trust that He will. I have been enjoying my daily stroll around the block twice, which I will keep doing as Sheriff doggie loves it.

I really feel convicted to move a little faster and I think I'd like to do that in the comfort of my own home with my work-out DVD's. I'm starting out with Leslie Sansone Walk at Home. The library is filled with workout DVD's as well...so I think I'll get exploring this morning :)


  1. Awesome!! Good for you!!! You got me inspired to check out the library too...her videos look great!!!

    You can do it!!

  2. I hope you just feel more inspired and better about yourself and exercise each day. It IS a challenge, but one that comes with great rewards and big payoffs in your health and outlook as a result. My hubby is on week 3 of working out and eating a strict, but healthy and do-able, diet. He feels so great and I am just so happy to support him as he reaches for his goal.
    It's been good for all our family. The hard work is hard in the beginning, but after some time it begins to feel like the right thing and your body sort of craves it. I hope you find this to be true.
    I think you're looking better already. I love your cards each week too. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. I have been good at doing my ATCs, but poor at posting them.

    Here is my catch up post:

    You inspire me, just wanted to let you know!